Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What is the Art of Soaking?

The Art of Soaking is a site dedicated to exploring the beauty and aesthetics of water blasters, water guns, water fights, and water warfare. The Art of Soaking provides a place for like-minded individuals to share pictures, experiences, experiments, ideas, and art related to water fights and their related equipment and locations.

Why build a new set of website instead of using other sites (e.g. iSoaker.com, WaterWar.net, iSoaker Warriors (Facebook), iSoaker Warriors (Twitter), etc.)?

While images and discussions that end up on the Art of Soaking Forums could have been posted elsewhere, due to the particular nature and theme of content planned and desired for sharing, it was felt that this endeavor deserved its own spot on the web.

iSoaker.com focuses on water blaster reviews. WaterWar.net focuses on organizing water wars, reviewing water blasters, and helping others with building or modifying their own water blasters. Facebook and Twitter are ok for noting some new posts, but fail to offer the catered feel that these stand-alone pages provide.

What is the purpose of the Art of Soaking site?

My current thought is that the Art of Soaking site will be used primarily as a gallery of water blaster and water warfare-related images and artwork. Some art may be pictures, abstract art, collages, etc.  While water warfare and water blaster discussions may arise, most threads will focus more on aesthetics and design as opposed to getting into technical details.

How do I post my Art to the site?

You need to make an account by registering on the Art of Soaking website. Then, visit the “Request AoS Posting Rights” thread and post a comment there. If your request is approved, you will then be given the ability to post new content to The Art of Soaking.

If you have a question that is unanswered above, reply to this thread. Notable questions will be moved and answered as time permits.