Better Image of the Upcoming 2018 Nerf Super Soaker SplashMouth

Recent found this clearer picture of the upcoming 2018 Nerf Super Soaker SplashMouth on this website.

From this image and the previous illustration seen, the novelty of this pump-action water blaster is the fact that its reservoir has a top panel that can be opened (by depressing that tab at the back), allowing one to “splash” out its reservoir contents. I really cannot comment on whether this would be a particularly effective water attack unless at really close-range. More info on this water blaster will be posted as it becomes available.

Soak on!

Better Image of the Upcoming Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka

Came across this clearer image of the upcoming 2018 Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka on this website.

Granted, while the image is clearer, I still haven’t quite figured out how it is likely to work. What I initially thought would be a pivoting handle now appears to possibly slide (?) downwards (?). Or perhaps it does pivot on the bottom point, making the nozzle piece slide in and out (?). It appears to have up to 7 nozzles, but could actually be 6 or even just one; at thing angle, cannot tell which of those holes actually have nozzles in them.

Will post more as information come available.

Enjoy the pic and soak on!

Upcoming 2018 Nerf Super Soaker water gun models

As noted by jja on, a few upcoming 2018 Nerf Super Soaker model images have been found.

Based on these low-resolution images, the Splash Mouth and Twin Tide appear to be pump-action, but am unclear on the Soakzooka. If I were to guess, the Soakzooka might use a trigger-less small stored-energy system like the 2008 Super Soaker Quick Blast, but this is purely speculation due to the pump shape and lack of a notable trigger (unless that isn’t a pump, but a lever-based trigger). As for why a water blaster with “gatling-gun”-type styling was given a name containing “-zooka” remains to be understood. As for the “Splash Mouth”, it looks like water can be *sloshed* out of a hole in the top (?).

I did stumble across one other name for a possible upcoming 2018 Nerf Super Soaker, the Nerf Super Soaker Zombie Strike Ripstorm, but as there are no images, yet, it remains unclear whether this item will actually be available, yet.

More info on upcoming water blasters as information becomes available. Soak on!