Better Image of the Upcoming Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka

Came across this clearer image of the upcoming 2018 Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka on this website.

Granted, while the image is clearer, I still haven’t quite figured out how it is likely to work. What I initially thought would be a pivoting handle now appears to possibly slide (?) downwards (?). Or perhaps it does pivot on the bottom point, making the nozzle piece slide in and out (?). It appears to have up to 7 nozzles, but could actually be 6 or even just one; at thing angle, cannot tell which of those holes actually have nozzles in them.

Will post more as information come available.

Enjoy the pic and soak on!

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  1. Looking at the picture more closely, I’m now more convinced that the lever pivots on the base, making the nozzle-region slide in and out to pump. Now, that means one’s hands end up on the top of the blaster; one holding the blue reservoir handle while the other operates the pump’s lever. To me, this seems like it will be awkward to aim/use, but time (and testing) will tell.

    Soak on!

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