Hands-On: Nerf Super Soaker Torrent

Nerf Super Soaker Torrent
Nerf Super Soaker Torrent

The Nerf Super Soaker Torrent is, in a word, disappointing.

First, it is only about 12″ (30cm) from nozzle to the end of the pump grip, looking and feeling rather small. What got me most intrigued by this water blaster, despite being an obvious syringe-type soaker, was how the stream would look and behave.

Alas, due to the elongated shape of the nozzle, the Torrent dribbles… a lot. You pretty much need to load and shoot as quickly as possible, otherwise most of the water you thought you had will have leaked out of the nozzle. I suppose one can minimize water loss by holding the blaster vertically with the nozzle pointed upwards just after filling, but that is far from a comfortable position.

The stream generated it fun being tall and thin, likely able to soak a target more rapidly since the stream does cover more area. Alas, the dribble issue as well as the somewhat awkward feel of the pump grip will limit how far away from a refill spot one can actually use the Torrent.

While I may do a little more testing with the Nerf Super Soaker Torrent, I had higher hopes for the “fun” factor of this water blaster.

Soak on!

Upcoming Nerf Super Soaker water blasters for 2022

So far, we have been able to find three (3) new Nerf Super Soaker models that should be arriving in stores in 2022, namely:

  • Nerf Super Soaker Torrent
  • Nerf Super Soaker Hydro Frenzy
  • Nerf Super Soaker Fortnite HG

As for how they look, check out the pics below:

Nerf Super Soaker Torrent

Nerf Super Soaker Hydro Frenzy

Nerf Super Soaker Fortnite HG

More information to be posted when available. Soak on!

iSoaker.com Updates (Sept., 2020)

Happy March 192nd… at least, that’s how it feels to me. Spring and Summer, 2020, have been anything but normal due to the global SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 pandemic. Granted, all things considering, I count my blessings as I recognize so many others have had to face serious health issues for themselves, friends, and/or loved ones. Others have faced devastating events from natural disasters to man-made catastrophes.

Looking to find some fun and hope, I finally found some time to work on some updates to iSoaker.com, finally adding in some additional pages and images for other new 2020 water blasters. Alas, while I have managed to have a few water blaster skirmishes over the summer, I have yet to find the time to test any of the 2020 water blasters to any meaningful degree and do not foresee much likelihood of doing much additional testing.

As such, my current plan is to try to measure a few additional stats and write up a brief review for each of the 2020 water blaster models, primarily based on my estimation on how they would perform. Hopefully, once 2021 rolls around, I may consider revisiting some of these water blasters and doing proper testing.

I hope those reading this remain safe, healthy, and as happy as can be during these difficult times. Soak on!

= Leave NO one dry! = iSoaker.com =

xkcd: Slide Trombone

It’s been awhile – happy March 139th… err.. July 17. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these challenging times.

Water blaster comics are less common, so always nice to find one, especially from one of the artists I visit more often. see: https://xkcd.com/2334/