Nerf Super Soaker Floodinator (2017) preview


Along with the DartFire, found a preview image of the upcoming Nerf Super Soaker Floodinator on this German website. Seeing that it lacks a trigger, currently presuming that this is a pump-action water blaster, but whether it sports a single or fan/spread/burst-type nozzle arrangement remains to be seen.

Nerf Super Soaker DartFire (2017) preview

super_soaker_dartfireFound this potential image of the upcoming Nerf Super Soaker DartFire on this website in Germany. Looks like it will feature some sort of pressurization (it has a trigger), but appears to be a water blaster/dart gun hybrid. My current guess is that it will fire darts together with a stream similarly to how the Nerf Super Soaker Tidal Torpedo Bow shoots water and/or foam rockets.

That said, I don’t have high expectations in terms of its performance.