Predicting Pump-Action Water Gun / Water Blaster Performance

Just posted my thoughts and findings regarding Predicting Pump-Action Water Gun / Water Blaster Performance. In short, it appears one can use either pump stroke length or, if available, pump volume to reasonably estimate expected output for most pump-action water blasters. It is unclear how this scales up for larger, syringe-type water blasters due to lack of available measurements for those type of water blasters. Follow the link above to read more specifics!

iSoak’D 159 posted

Given all the snow we’ve received recently (though it got warmer yesterday), I got inspired. Please enjoy iSoak’D 159 for all its twistedness.

Anyone game for making a real-life one and sharing a picture?

iSoakin’ the Moon? – 20161116

While the Super Moon was the other day, after looking longer at the picture of the moon I took yesterday, I realized that the moon also features a re-interpretation of the logo on the bottom-left side!

What do you think?


I have a suspicion that that blast mark/crater wasn’t left by an asteroid – it was left by an extremely powerful water blaster from the future that tore through the fabric of space/time, leaving it’s mark on our present day moon!  Really!