Water Warriors and Nerf Super Soaker Evolution Trees Updated

I only recently realized how neglected my water blaster evolution trees were until I loaded up some of the pages recently only to see that the “newest” water blasters shown on the trees were from 2018!

That’s now been fixed.

Water Warriors Evolution Tree
Nerf Super Soaker Evolution Trees

Granted, there is at least one water blaster I know of that is missing from the Nerf Super Soaker Evolution Trees as of this posting, but that’s because I have only just acquired one and have not had the opportunity to take photos of it, yet.

More to come, but at least these two sets of water blaster evolution trees are now mostly up-to-date.

Enjoy and soak on!

Happy 20th Anniversary, Super Soaker Central

20 Years on Mar 23, 2023.

I am in denial that it’s been 20 years since Super Soaker Central first arrived on the web.
Super Soaker Central is probably best known for its homemade water blaster designs and instructions as well as numerous stock water blaster modification guides. Of course, SSC also has its share of great reviews, pictures, videos, an archived forum, and more. It also contains a lot of pages on water blaster patents and physics.

Ben, the creator of Super Soaker Central, is unquestionably one of the individuals who helped build and shape the water warfare community over the years. Ben also helps maintain WaterWar.net.

Congrats on SSC reaching the big ol’ 20! Soak on!

Hands-On: Adventure Force Water Strike Aqua Bullet (2023)

Recently picked up an Adventure Force Water Strike: Aqua Bullet. Sold at Walmart, but designed and manufactured by Buzz Bee Toys Inc., this pump-based water blaster releases a barrage of five (5) “water bullets” with each pump.

The internal mechanism that yields these “water bullets” is readily visible through a clear window near the front of this water blaster. More testing to be done, but this is an interesting new water blaster for 2023.

More info posted on iSoaker.com: Adventure Force Water Strike: Aqua Bullet . Soak on!