Acquired: Nerf Super Soaker Dartfire

Also recently acquired the combination blaster known as the Nerf Super Soaker Dartfire by Hasbro Inc. Reminiscent of the old Nerf Switchshot series, the Dartfire can shoot both water and darts. Unlike the Switchshot blasters, the Dartfire can actually fire both at the same time, if desired. That said, I am not aware of any dart fights where water blasters were welcome, nor do I recall any water fights where anyone was worried about someone pulling out a dart blaster, either. The interesting thing is that the trigger serves a dual role; pulling it both launches the dart as well as rotates the barrel to bring the next dart into position (the added force needed for both actions explains by this trigger is larger and is meant to be pulled by two fingers as opposed to one).

More info to come…

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