Hands-On: Water Warriors Double Drench

The Water Warriors Double Drench is a decent-sized pump-action water blaster made by Buzz Bee Toys Inc., new for 2018. Its name arises from the fact that, despite being pump-action, its trigger actual serves a purpose. Pull the pump and the Double Drench behaves like most other pump-action water blasters, though this blaster’s pump volume is a little larger than average. However, pull the pump when the trigger is pulled and, instead of blasting out a single stream, four stream nozzles are activated, instead. Though some may think that a trigger-based nozzle selector option may sound merely “gimmicky”, being quick and easy to use, I find myself much more likely to actually consider what my preferred stream blast setting should be and use it based on where my opponent is, swapping near-instantly between precise-to-multistream and back as desired.

For a pump-action water blaster, the Water Warriors Double Drench is remarkably fun to use. Unfortunately, for 2018, the Water Warriors Double Drench only appears to be available at Shopko whose stores are clustered in the US Midwest region. More info to be posted on iSoaker.com soon…

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