Superionic Water Ice?

Something a little different:

Though it may be awhile (and a little impractical) to try to load this stuff into a water blaster, scientists seem to have determined a new state for ice. Granted, they used some lasers and diamonds to compress water ice VII even more.

From the Nature Physics article: “Using time-resolved optical pyrometry and laser velocimetry measurements as well as supporting density functional theory–molecular dynamics (DFT-MD) simulations, we document the shock equation of state of H2O to unprecedented extreme conditions and unravel thermodynamic signatures showing that ice melts near 5,000K at 190 GPa.”

To think steel melts at ~1,650K and here we are talking about water, but under some serious pressure.

Granted, with that heat and pressure, not sure one would want to be hit by it.

Soak on!

Hands-On: Nerf Super Soaker Splashmouth

I can’t say I’ve done much testing on this water blaster beyond loading it and pumping it a handful of times, but I suppose the most surprising thing about the Nerf Super Soaker Splashmouth is that they (Hasbro) would even think this would be a good idea in the first place!

Just when I thought a pump-action water blaster couldn’t get worse.  The pump, itself, actually seems to function decently for a pump-action blaster, but the large top cap does not seal tightly (no surprise) and the “splash” attack has limited range (a bucket would be better) and does a great job at disarming the user as well.

I believe the three words sum up the Nerf Super Soaker Splashmouth best are: What. The. Heck?

Stats to be measured, but I’m not particularly inspired by this water blaster.

Better Image of the Upcoming 2018 Nerf Super Soaker Twin Tide

A clearer image of the upcoming 2018 Nerf Super Soaker Twin Tide was found on this website.

As expected, the Twin Tide appears to be a standard pump-action water blaster featuring over-under dual nozzle configuration. The newer Nerf Super Soaker models seem to be using their handle/trip regions as part of their reservoir and can do so easily since they have no trigger or other more complex internals in that region of the blaster’s body. As both nozzles are powered by the same pump, taking its apparent size into consideration, either the nozzles will be slightly smaller than usual in order to maintain functional stream range. Time and testing will tell. More information to be posted as it becomes available.

Soak on!

Better Image of the Upcoming 2018 Nerf Super Soaker SplashMouth

Recent found this clearer picture of the upcoming 2018 Nerf Super Soaker SplashMouth on this website.

From this image and the previous illustration seen, the novelty of this pump-action water blaster is the fact that its reservoir has a top panel that can be opened (by depressing that tab at the back), allowing one to “splash” out its reservoir contents. I really cannot comment on whether this would be a particularly effective water attack unless at really close-range. More info on this water blaster will be posted as it becomes available.

Soak on!

Better Image of the Upcoming Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka

Came across this clearer image of the upcoming 2018 Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka on this website.

Granted, while the image is clearer, I still haven’t quite figured out how it is likely to work. What I initially thought would be a pivoting handle now appears to possibly slide (?) downwards (?). Or perhaps it does pivot on the bottom point, making the nozzle piece slide in and out (?). It appears to have up to 7 nozzles, but could actually be 6 or even just one; at thing angle, cannot tell which of those holes actually have nozzles in them.

Will post more as information come available.

Enjoy the pic and soak on!