NASA’s Launch Pad Water Deluge System

Well, NASA has recently done some testing of its heat/flame control system that helps keep the launch platform safer during rocket launches. Granted, with an ability to release about half-a-million gallons of water in 60 seconds, we are REALLY talking about a water gun with output rated at ~1,066,667x. Its ability to produce the 100′ man-made geysers is a nice effect. Granted, there appear to be three primary nozzles so each one has an output of a mere ~355,556x

Not bad…  I want one!


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Upcoming 2019 Nerf Super Soaker Models

Seems like news on upcoming Nerf Super Soaker models can be discovered a little earlier every year.

This year, found info and some pics on at least three (3) new 2019 Nerf Super Soaker models:

  • Nerf Super Soaker Hydra
  • Nerf Super Soaker Barracuda
  • Nerf Super Soaker Piranha


The Hydra appears to be an inverted Nerf Super Soaker SoakZooka while the Piranha is a trigger-based water blaster. No image is available for the Barracuda, but from its description, it has two stacked barrels that blast (continuously?) while pumping. Images and information obtained from Entertainment Earth.

More information on these water blasters as they become available.

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End-of-Summer, 2018

No, I don’t know where Summer, 2018 went for me. Well, that’s not 100% accurate, but what I can say is that life/work/other responsibilities have kept me far busier than I had initially anticipated.

Nevertheless, while this site and my other sites such as this other small site of mine have not had many updates, they are merely temporarily dormant and far from forgotten. In fact, I’ve begun making some tweaks and considering what type of updates I can realistically do on a more regular basis.

Will post again once I have more concrete updates and new content to share.

For now, for those in the higher Northern latitudes, enjoy the warm weather while it lasts; fall cometh and winter will be here before we know it.

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Water Warriors – New for 2018 Tease

Just got my hands on a couple of new water blasters from Buzz Bee Toys Inc. that are new for 2018: one Adventure Force brand and one Water Warriors brand. Consider this a teaser image.

More info coming soon – soak on!

  • Note: Post updated to more accurately list the branding of these water blasters.

iSoaker Warriors (Facebook) Removed

In light of all the privacy and data issues on Facebook (plus given the fact that I never really liked that platform), I’ve opted to remove the “iSoaker Warriors Facebook” page.

All-in-all, not much of a loss, truthfully. There wasn’t any major content on there, anyhow, and its visibility was mediocre at best. Besides, with what little free time I have these days, might as well focus on developing content where I find most enjoyment, anyhow.

Soak on!

Review: Adventure Force: Power Raider @

A review of the Adventure Force Power Raider, manufactured by Buzz Bee Toys Inc., is now posted on In short, the Power Raider is a separate pressure chamber air-pressure water blaster that sports a 3-option nozzle selector and detachable red-dot scope. Stream power is decent, but shot times are short due to the small size of the pressure chamber.

Head over to is you’re interested in learning more about the Adventure Force Power Raider.

Hands-On: Adventure Force: Power Raider

The Adventure Force: Power Raider is a private label water blaster made by Buzz Bee Toys Inc. for Walmart’s Adventure Force brand.

The Power Raider is a separate air-pressure chamber water blaster that features a removable “red-dot” scope. While the Power Raider’s pressure chamber is on the small-side, that also means it can be pressurized quickly. Streams are decent, albeit brief as well.

More information on the Adventure Force: Power Raider as more testing is completed.

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