Xshot Typhoon Thunder (2017) Review Posted

Just posted the Xshot Typhoon Thunder water gun review onto iSoaker.com. This lesser known brand by Zuru has released some trigger and piston-based water blasters this year. The Typhoon Thunder is the middle-size of the other models in the Xshot line (seen on the back of its box). Read on to learn more on this newer brand of water blasters.

Acquired: Water Warriors Drench Force (2017)

The Water Warriors Drench Force is the largest of the new water blasters released by Buzz Bee Toys for 2017. It is a large syringe-type water blaster with a top-mounted reservoir, but features a novel nozzle valve. On its packaging, it prominently displays the phrase: “Blasts up to 50 feet!” Will definitely be doing range testing on this water blaster!

More info to come…

Predicting Pump-Action Water Gun / Water Blaster Performance

Just posted my thoughts and findings regarding Predicting Pump-Action Water Gun / Water Blaster Performance. In short, it appears one can use either pump stroke length or, if available, pump volume to reasonably estimate expected output for most pump-action water blasters. It is unclear how this scales up for larger, syringe-type water blasters due to lack of available measurements for those type of water blasters. Follow the link above to read more specifics!