Hands-On: Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka

Well, recently acquired a Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka.

Size is somewhere between 18″-24″ long. As I suspected, the orange-topped grey handle pump rotates on a pivot point that is hidden by the packaging. As the handle swings to the front, it pushes on the thicker, forward part of the barrel, extending it which appears to then draw water into the front section. Pulling the pump handle back towards the main body of the blaster compresses the nozzle, making the Soakzooka fire. Interestingly enough, the piece of twine that holds the pump handle to the box can be slid off the pump handle, allowing me to test the motion without removing the remainder of the Soakzooka from the packaging. However, the box does limit the handle from going through its full motions, so if I wish to do proper testing, I will end up removing this from the cardboard. I should note that while the pump motion, though not typical, does feel smooth. However, the fact that the body of the blaster is also held by a top-mounted handle makes the operation feel more awkward than it could have been. I do need to unpackage it to see whether there may be alternate ways of holding the Soakzooka more comfortably when using. Just need to find more time…

I plan to post more pics on iSoaker.com in the nearer future, but am behind on reviews since life has me busy. More to come as soon as I find more time.

Soak on!

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